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Let's play with some balls
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hihi!! why are you in dead servers you dont talk in? both you and me know you dont enjoy it. come join a better place where its not dead and where you wont get ignored for older members. here we treat everyone equally so you can get all the attention you want. come be our friend!!



Wow, sounds a lot like https://finalchan.net/irc.html


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eat my ass


Are you asking me to eat your ass, or are you telling me, then becoming confused?

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Nothing has changed in 18 years.


Except that ytmnd is dead now.

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ITT: Life Advice
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Real talk. Never buy vanaties in any other color but white. What ever color you pick will eventually go out of style, and be super ugly, so always buy white stuff
My mom told me this so you know it's true.


File: 1557204515677.jpg (28.59 KB, 550x309, 70s-bathroo….jpg)


This is a life advice thread.

Are you telling us that if we are going to take pictures to sell our house, make sure you trim the bushes first?


I think it means, if the mods have to delete an entire board because you keep posting shitty porn, you're gonna get a perma ban if you keep doing it.


maybe he was just ray-posting.

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These cookies from Ikea are pretty awesome.

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stop ddosing the irc you cunts




File: 1557580702551.png (369.94 KB, 560x546, ClipboardIm….png)

You should have seen how long they were doing it before you joined.

pic unrelated.

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How many Starbucks in this picture?


File: 1557339523962.jpg (42.98 KB, 630x630, 1314617_1.jpg)


the ending of Kara's arc was such shit. honestly I love bsg but it was so lazy at the end.

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doot doota loot doot…


My gf makes spot on clown honk noises when I squeeze her titties. Why is there no girl honkler pepes

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Indio weko, grande el bulla.




File: 1554688721366.png (1.29 MB, 700x1059, d7u8ad86lxq….png)




LGBT ANONIM CHAT http://lgbt.chat.dj(FAKE AND GAY)

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All the baseball teams I wanted to win today didn't.

This does not make me happy.

Unofficial Baseball Thread
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The US is a DH state now. Americans should be out in the streets with Louisville Sluggers and chew, but instead they would rather prop up, cover their noses, and watch some dingers.



Isn't it obvious? The Americans would rather watch baseball than the far superior Qianball.


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O's looking for the first win of the road trip and maybe get some dignity back from the Twins


File: 1556571576504.png (17.19 KB, 501x190, ClipboardIm….png)

The bottom four teams in the MLB.


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Orange and Black Back to Back

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