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(43.93 KB 1200x652 ClipboardImage.png)
Normie 03/29/2019 (Fri) 02:37:44 No. 6179
All the baseball teams I wanted to win today didn't.

This does not make me happy.

Unofficial Baseball Thread
(31.36 KB 255x581 Screenshot-35.png)
quick recap of Friday's games
Reminder that Goldy had a great game.

First player in Major League history to hit three home runs in one of his first two games with a team.

On-base 5 times in a single game.
(155.78 KB 1200x675 D26mO2aWsAAOJX_.jpg)
(95.36 KB 1168x657 D27wo91X4AA7e10.jpg)
(12.52 KB 432x168 Screenshot-38.png)
(93.63 KB 1523x787 Screenshot-39.png)
(26.50 KB 1513x290 Screenshot-40.png)
First W of the season in the books
Orange and Black!
(149.61 KB 660x436 MLB-Watch-10.jpg)
(163.45 KB 1200x799 D3AKD-lW0AMEiBE.jpg)
(31.70 KB 304x657 D2_Z9OHXgAAoqXR.jpg)
tfw rain delay
(132.30 KB 1200x675 D3Brf_WWsAEc4gg.jpg)
(8.57 KB 443x143 Screenshot-41.png)
(92.57 KB 1517x810 Screenshot-42.png)
(21.93 KB 1512x219 Screenshot-43.png)
(36.41 KB 668x284 Screenshot-44.png)
O's take the first series of the season
(153.20 KB 1200x675 D3HNauuWwAA1ufL.jpg)

what a game
They should change their colors to Orange and Black

(92.05 KB 1168x657 D3Q2XHDXsAEUP9x.jpg)
(71.36 KB 905x613 Screenshot-53.png)
(90.28 KB 899x601 Screenshot-54.png)
Tough loss but hey that's two series won on the road and tomorrow is the home opener
(78.06 KB 1168x657 D3V76JqWwAI5Pzm.jpg)
(18.04 KB 915x198 Screenshot-56.png)
(45.49 KB 898x410 Screenshot-57.png)
(48.77 KB 909x342 Screenshot-58.png)
(62.32 KB 901x417 Screenshot-59.png)
Sucks that our home opener was spoiled but it was good to see the Yard full of people of life once more
(96.53 KB 1168x657 D3vS1r-WkAM3_YL.jpg)
After spanking the Oakland A's, the Birds are back at .500!

Tonight's starting line up
(176.77 KB 905x485 ClipboardImage.png)
The SF Giants are the 3rd worst team in baseball right now.

That means they are better than 2 other teams!

pretty boy needs to work on his pitching
(2.14 MB 1536x1152 seats.png)
very empty stadium
(66.72 KB 686x960 signal-2019-04-09-191002.jpeg)
(193.30 KB 768x1024 signal-2019-04-08-205829.jpeg)
(99.97 KB 1168x657 D30pWQOWkAAY2mG.jpg)
(282.75 KB 1639x2048 D30NIbSUYAExZ4p.jpg:large.jpeg)
(39.19 KB 392x657 D304XMwW0AAof3P.jpg)
(39.13 KB 493x658 D30u0LpWsAAUnUf.jpg)
Last night the A's got their revenge, now both teams are fighting to get back to .500
(36.68 KB 304x657 D4CbZ3uW4AAZrKw.jpg)
(47.72 KB 493x658 D4CTpppXkAI2Z21.jpg)
(89.07 KB 1024x576 D4CkydhXoAIahId.jpg:large.jpeg)
(791.92 KB 1499x803 Screenshot-2.png)
Another day, another game of Orioles baseball
(9.33 KB 233x65 Screenshot-6.png)
(36.55 KB 1152x267 Screenshot-7.png)
(25.99 KB 1518x299 Screenshot-8.png)
(52.42 KB 1513x474 Screenshot-9.png)
Orioles in the win column!
It's been rough but it's a nice day outside maybe the birds' luck will change
(53.79 KB 832x468 sliZ1nx0oi-SS9hD.jpg)
O's come back to win the home series against the White Sox!
Yeah, but how is this related to the downfall of western civilization? Did you know that Americans used to be free but are now just pig dogs?
The US is a DH state now. Americans should be out in the streets with Louisville Sluggers and chew, but instead they would rather prop up, cover their noses, and watch some dingers.

Isn't it obvious? The Americans would rather watch baseball than the far superior Qianball.
O's looking for the first win of the road trip and maybe get some dignity back from the Twins
(17.19 KB 501x190 ClipboardImage.png)
The bottom four teams in the MLB.

Orange and Black Back to Back
rubber game of the finalchan classic
(2.53 KB 226x59 ClipboardImage.png)
It worked!
(101.26 KB 1024x576 D8LEWINWsAAHDt_.jpg)
and with the first pick of the 2019 MLB draft the Baltimore Orioles select…
Tonight's match up is brought to you by Finalchan Orangeā„¢
(43.11 KB 497x663 D8VhO3fU0AUXpIo.jpg)
Dirk meets the Birds
(52.76 KB 832x468 D8flgMfX4AEf1WQ.jpg)
Orioles drop another series on their long climb back to relevance and are now due to spend the weekend in Houston
(194.59 KB 1080x1080 allstars.jpg)
Congrats to these Eastern League all stars
(144.32 KB 1200x675 D-V2C-vWsAAakg_.jpg)
(68.34 KB 996x664 D-REoYsX4AEo91V.jpg)
(961.44 KB 1460x628 Screenshot_2019-07-03_19-05-05.png)
In Orioles news: they still suck but at least they look good doing so. Rookie pitcher John Means gets a surprise All-Star nod while favorite Trey Mancini will have to watch from home. Tonight the birds close out their series in Tampa hoping to avoid an embarrassing sweep
(108.52 KB 1046x554 D-lmN5KXYAAldD2.jpg)
(57.02 KB 832x468 D-vPhA0XYAUMVT4.jpg)
(862.48 KB 1449x648 Screenshot_2019-07-05_16-22-44.png)
(139.99 KB 1024x576 D-vDysAXoAAHBRN.jpg)
This weekend our brave heroes battle it out in savage wilds of Canada
(48.59 KB 832x468 D-wdDOXX4AAyA2x.jpg)
(35.52 KB 616x468 D-wbXu8XkAAMjYU.jpg)
Orioles in the win column!
(73.21 KB 832x468 D-zk4LdXsAEy6cl.jpg)
(142.08 KB 1200x675 D-zyYZQXUAIaXJK.jpg)
(909.32 KB 1485x640 Screenshot_2019-07-06_15-07-00.png)
(909.32 KB 1485x640 Screenshot_2019-07-06_15-07-00.png)

whoops double post
(131.59 KB 1200x675 D-0q8aKXUAAp1Mv.jpg)
Orioles win again, taking the series in Toronto!
(686.08 KB 1200x592 y586056794931.png)
(62.51 KB 1105x473 D_OR57oXkAE_6_6.png)
Some roster moves to close out the all star break
(99.71 KB 1200x670 D_Ubt22WwAAXy3t.jpg)
(26.69 KB 311x484 D_UCLyGX4AAKfPM.png)
(44.58 KB 832x468 D_UfvJbXoAAlFzF.jpg)
on to the next one
(6.54 KB 1570x65 ClipboardImage.png)
When you are ranked #1 for the last ten games played, but still over 17 games behind first place.
lol red sux
(43.29 KB 468x468 EAa_7jfXkAAoRxb.jpg)
(47.20 KB 468x468 nAKsXV8eaDRP3bS2.jpg)
Tonight's lineup

Orioles at LA Angels

Meanwhile, Billy Joel performs at Camden Yards
(50.58 KB 832x468 EAdTJIrXsAAj-Pb.jpg)
(838.25 KB 1262x805 Screenshot-1.png)
>The Giants have had plenty of big moments during their rise to contention. They are 7-0 in extra-inning games since the All-Star break, and the drama is becoming a regular occurrence. Six of those extra-inning victories have come in the past 10 games. The Giants are the first team in the live-ball era to win six extra-inning games in a 10-game span, according to research by STATS.
(55.00 KB 600x623 cash.jpg)
(133.33 KB 1200x675 ECb0NU0XYAADy_9.jpg)
(263.71 KB 900x1200 ECck35ZWsAAIjVq.jpg)
(138.70 KB 1200x675 ECcaZSvW4AAhujr.jpg)
It's good to be back!

O's looking to snap their losing streak with a win tonight against the KC Royals, assuming the weather cooperates
(6.81 KB 473x121 Screenshot-1.png)
Made it past the 6th with less than 4 runs. There's a chance.
(148.72 KB 1200x675 EChgNV1W4AIfHLc.jpg)
O's looking to take the series against the Royals
(735.31 KB 4096x2731 ECiU91oXkAM1F2L.jpeg)
Orioles up 8-1 in the 7th
(10.65 KB 775x163 Capture.PNG)
(43.01 KB 1568x338 Capture2.PNG)
(700.31 KB 895x489 Capture3.PNG)
This is a story of how you drop below .500

That's a lot of runs to still lose.
(20.51 KB 315x421 Screenshot.png)
If you can't beat him, at least wear him down.
(174.99 KB 1200x675 EDAPtMyXUAEN1Os.jpg)
(68.83 KB 832x468 EDAk8mkXoAI5Hho.jpg)
(142.82 KB 720x720 _MN_44BlfKKuGJyf.jpg)
Hold on to yer butts, it's time for interleague play baby!
I want to get more into baseball and MLS but I don't have cable(box), pay for cable internet only
(41.11 KB 621x214 Screenshot.png)
Your local MLB team will usually have a game or two each week on regular OTA television. So you can watch that for free.

There is a radio station in your area that also airs the games for free. My mom likes listening to the radio broadcast even if she is sitting in the stands watching a game. She likes the insight and conversations the radio guys use to fill the dead time.

You could also check MLB.tv each day and see what the "Free Game of the Day" is, and stream it straight to your device.

If you decide baseball is a thing for you, then you can buy a subscription to MLB.tv for a single team, or every game for the season.

As far as MLS goes, I take a nap when that's on.
(72.41 KB 592x1024 EDFA6KuX4AEJ6Zj.jpg)
Our heroes are looking tonight to sweep the Expos and claim the TV royalties for themselves
Orioles takes Game 1 of today's double header
(281.43 KB 1920x1080 EDu0MjpXkAEy6xk.jpeg)
(272.50 KB 2568x1445 EDu019vXoAo-yxH.jpeg)
(282.70 KB 1920x1080 EDjcGcxXYAATUMl.jpeg)
The boys are back in town while the baby bird continue to grow and spread their wings
(404.25 KB 1260x2390 mlb-fullpage.png)

Take a look and see if your team is in the running for the World Series.

If your team isn't, who are you rooting for?
Milwaukee and Cleveland fighting to get into that one-game wild card position. Good luck to them, but the gods have not been favorable.
(143.35 KB 1200x675 EEIYKvqU0AEeYfh.jpg)
(260.81 KB 1080x1080 EEINzMwUUAc5Yl7.jpeg)
(532.55 KB 2000x1600 EEHSOimUcAIMqtD.jpeg)
The NL leading Dodgers are in town as this season of rebuilding nears its end.

Down on the farm, the Bowie Baby Birds are playing the Trenton Lil' Yanks for the Eastern League championship.
(421.06 KB 1920x1080 EESbo8iWwAAjlQ-.jpeg)
(95.31 KB 1200x675 EESmmU-WkA0JQwz.jpeg)
Yankees houston again. Can't wait.
(314.33 KB 1920x1080 EEsL2FuW4AI0_MW.jpeg)
(366.38 KB 1536x2048 EEssDpSWkAEBaht.jpeg)
>All the baseball teams I wanted to win today didn't.

Nothing has changed since the first day of the season.
Does this mean the Cardinals set a record for most runs in the first inning in the post season ?
(510.73 KB 804x454 playoff.PNG)
A Grand Slam lets the Nationals advance and knocks the Dodgers out (OH HAPPY DAY).

Now we see what Houston and Tampa Bay do.
(107.29 KB 954x779 1559269612270-4.jpg)
I hate shilling as much as the next guy but should you want to post somewhere with a couple more autists feel free to visit sportschan.org should you feel so inclined :).
Also I like the Lynxchan update.
Who runs it?
it's pretty lax and shitposty if that's your cup of tea
it's a stylized st-stutter
he's a bro
(531.36 KB 952x537 Screenshot.png)
These two duded dueling it out.
HIP HIP... no way.
(12.79 MB 640x480 Default Project.mp4)
So far Astro fans are loving the night. A lot of baseball left to play.
(28.76 KB 460x183 Screenshot-24.png)
(410.02 KB 683x637 Screenshot-25.png)
(419.86 KB 1858x295 Screenshot-26.png)
(309.51 KB 921x374 Screenshot-27.png)
(279.06 KB 463x616 Screenshot-28.png)

es beisbol
(13.54 MB 540x960 test.mp4)
Let's go Doosan bears!
(52.78 KB 652x367 dabears.jpeg)
FTW! Sage the thread and read the CW, NSDAP, and the PNAC blueprint.

This is a REX. The NPC OP, CFR, BNP, AC, BDS, and MIC don't like this LCP, the OPCW scandal, the IOTBW campaign, TF2 items, TFB feminism, CP, and the waifu and pozzed the animorphs, sepps, gingers, JE, the incels, the NEET, the gonts, the thots, the poltards, a mong, a swerf, an AGW, and the GNAA members.

The OFA posters with GFE in your AO and this FPT had TDS and were doxxed because they are FOS and were larping, grokking, and posting OC and lolis. The AKM is loaded and TRS exists, but don't shoah my threads.
I might be one of those, but not sure.
(116.51 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0027.jpg)
(61.47 KB 696x380 stealing-signs.jpg)
(27.31 KB 898x567 2020-02-07 22_38_53-Window.png)
first signs of spring
It's coming.
(391.77 KB 477x594 Screenshot.png)
Assistant coach Nakken.
. . .


This is some of the most non-sensical bot posting I have ever seen. Free trade and minimum wage are polar opposites. Are these posts supposed to generate dissent for Americans? It would be more effective if it at least made sense.
(12.60 KB 894x266 2020-02-16 08_51_38-Window.png)
(12.32 KB 895x263 2020-02-16 08_54_47-Window.png)
(18.22 KB 450x321 bail-bonds.jpg)
Aubrey Huff has been disinvited from the Giants' 2010 World Series reunion for his tweets...

but Larry Baer is attending. Baer was even the one to let Huff know.

How disappointing.

orioles magic ;_;
(37.96 KB 741x627 2020-03-03 22_19_42-Window.png)
Chris Davis is seeing the ball really well this spring hope he has a comeback
(127.07 KB 768x1024 ESIZq6rWoAIb35O.jpeg)
This is the ideal male body
(310.57 KB 620x480 GAFE01-33.png)
(313.93 KB 914x762 2020-03-27 17_07_06-Window.png)
Missing baseball :(
(85.35 KB 734x673 photo_2020-03-27_17-16-14.jpg)
(17.44 KB 559x393 photo_2020-03-27_18-14-31.jpg)
fug yeah
(31.42 KB 366x541 photo_2020-03-27_20-56-35.jpg)
He's HOT!
(124.17 KB 1280x529 photo_2020-03-27_21-01-40.jpg)
(28.38 KB 430x322 photo_2020-03-27_21-04-29.jpg)
Standings and stats as of August 1, 2020
(108.10 KB 923x423 2020-04-19 22_44_09-Window.png)
(194.86 KB 916x748 2020-04-19 23_00_13-Window.png)
19-year old pitching two games with a 0 ERA and only one in 10 batters getting on base?

Is he the future Tim Lincecum ?

Maybe, he just threw a CGSO in under 100 pitches
I've already missed two games of my season ticket purchase. What is basedball going to do? I heard the players rejected the idea of playing the season in Arizona. What's the next plan of action?
(819.90 KB 4096x2304 playersleague.jpg)
who ya got?
Smith. Now where do I vote?
(28.13 KB 438x380 therm.jpeg)
I misunderstood and thought this was a bracket for the next player to be on the cover of the game.
(175.54 KB 1383x656 bcu1g2tyd1x41.png)
Fun chart I found on baseball. Its read as 'all time win % of horizontal team vs vertical team'.
Yankees have never lost a game to themselves
How does the chart track the oldest teams? Teams like Dodgers, Giants, Cardinals, etc?

Is it tracking franchise, or designated city? I'm assuming the latter due to them using the city name, but just want some clarification.
You know that you live in the Twilight Zone when the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state and Americans look you in the eye and say that the USA is a peaceful and free country with a balanced budget.
(32.87 KB 271x180 Screenshot.png)
>police state

Thanks to your posts, America is now dismantling their police force and baseball will be canceled. I hope you are happy with yourself.
We're in the lethal league timeline now.


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