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Normie 05/29/2019 (Wed) 22:05:39 No. 6410
haha funne
epic dump.

put me in the screenshot.
(46.34 KB 480x640 minion.jpg)
fuck me I'm so hard now. Look at those tits. Look at that smooth yellow form. Those perfect dick sucking lips. Hell she don't need curves she is one. Fucking hell the bedroom eyes just make me so horny. I want to bend her over, take that skirt and stick my banana up that tight little minion hole. Maybe she's not really a she? Who cares, I want to be inside. I want to make her my little crying whore. I want her to scream for me, I want her to cry out for my cock every day. Fuck yeah she's hot.
(46.11 KB 291x193 1451341657.png)
fuck i got a half chub reading this

Imagine just grabbing a minion by the hips and just thrusting it onto your cock like a oversized fleshlight , you stretch and fill the minion. Each panting breath you speed up until finally you slam the curvy yellow figure down and with a mighty force , your cock rearanging its insides from the sheer force of your cum blast
If only I didn't have to imagine.


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