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(312.40 KB 1366x768 1510426616520.png)
I'm the real Unity, ama Unity 10/29/2019 (Tue) 17:48:17 No. 6837
You faggot impersonators aren't nearly retarded enough to pretend to be the true Unity. Everyone knows I could never make posts half as good as the shit you people make.

Anyway thanks reddit ask me anything.
Why did you post a screenshot from 3 months ago?
To prove its me kek, lots of impersonators
put this image in your tripcode so you can namefag all the way to the bank
>ask me anything

When will Finalchan have unique themes?
When illu stops being a little cuckold and bothers to make some.
The future looks grim.

Soon robots will do all the jobs. Americans will have the Internet implanted in their brains, will be tracked, and have exoskeletons that make them strong. Anyone who is too beautiful, fast, rich, or smart will be arrested or killed. The US will have equality like North Korea does.

The only way to have any freedom now is to buy a sailboat or live in the Amazon.
>The future looks grimchan

(30.69 KB 346x567 1558324305806.jpg)
Life's a bitch then you die!
Americans hate freedom because Trump does, but would Americans protest if Trump restored the Bill of Rights?


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