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(5.25 MB 1920x1080 XFL Theme Song.mp4)
Anonymous 02/08/2020 (Sat) 15:55:02 Id:f55596 No. 7029
•._.••´¯``•.¸¸.•`For the love of football`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•

The XFL Season Kicks off TODAY!

Sat, Feb 8 - 2:00pm ET on ABC.
(273.76 KB 1016x1289 Screenshot.png)
Season Schedule.
(99.42 KB 746x419 unnamed.jpg)
Game #1 and the XFL inaugural game kicks off in 24 minutes!
This game is moving too fast to capture, edit, and post content from it.

If I tried, I would be three plays behind!
(65.32 KB 1741x607 2020-02-08 15_39_27-Window.png)
half time update
(69.64 KB 1901x579 2020-02-08 15_41_05-Window.png)
(41.74 KB 1308x539 2020-02-08 15_41_57-Window.png)
(872.31 KB 1277x646 Screenshot-1.png)
Two big plays tied the game up 19-19.

Two very exciting plays. The game has been fast paced. A little sloppy but entertaining. Really good for the first game of a league.
(808.76 KB 1274x642 Screenshot-2.png)
The Defenders have grabbed two interceptions. Latest one was ran back and it gives them a comfortable lead.
(141.53 KB 1277x822 Screenshot-3.png)
Final Score: 19 - 31
The DC Defenders are currently the best team in the XFL!
(78.84 KB 1278x464 Screenshot-4.png)
Houston Roughnecks versus LA Wildcats

1st quarter took approximately 40 minutes. The ball spotter is faster in the Houston/LA game. If things continue at this pace we will be looking at a 2.6 hour game. Very promising.
Condensed version of game #1

Seattle Dragons @ DC Defenders
well, that was gay. Video must be a version of webm the site doesn't recognize.
(11.62 MB 640x360 Houston Highlights.webm)
(432.41 KB 1536x2048 EQTZ-vEXkAE3XHI.jpeg)
(2.41 MB 1280x720 gbj6lPAnqF4PzAa1.mp4)
Nick Holley was one of the best parts of the day.
(2.31 MB 720x720 elijah.mp4)
(3.56 MB 720x720 punt_return.mp4)
A couple more good moments from day 1.
>mfw no XFL until saturday
(64.75 KB 200x200 DeepInTheHeart.png)
Sitting here waiting until the weekend.

So I made a thing.
Football tomorrow!

New York @ DC

Tampa Bay @ Seattle

Thank god. I need new shit to talk to my coworkers about.
(109.89 KB 1285x711 Screenshot.png)
First Game of the Weekend

The win goes to the DC Defenders! Completely obliterating the NY Guardians. The DC defense was stronger, and Cardale Jones continues to shine as he made incredible pass completions.

A double forward pass was made in the game, as well as going for 3 in the PAT.
(758.59 KB 1278x722 Screenshot-1.png)
Tampa Bay Vipers (0-1) vs Seattle Dragons (0-1) is just starting.
(118.47 KB 1276x726 Screenshot-2.png)
Seattle Dragons win in front of a large home crowd. Over 29 thousand people in attendance.

Tampa Bay was having a hard time finding their groove. Changing quarterback didn't look like it was improving their stride, but eventually the pieces started to click and they put on a great 4th quarter. With 4 seconds left on the clock they put up a TD that could have tied the game, but an offensive penalty brought the ball back and ruined the attempt.

Went from being the most boring game to edge of your seat excitement.
(106.01 KB 768x432 Standings_week_twob_2032x1144.png)
Now that week 2 is over, here is what the standings look like.
>tfw you're the best slot receiver in the league and you're stuck on an 0-2 team
(1.40 MB 1550x872 spruceyboi.png)

pic related for real this time
(598.32 KB 1080x1920 artise.jpeg)
It filled out a captcha to post this...
Sometimes you'll go all the way when you've got nothing to lose.
(9.33 MB 720x1280 I3lTAlyZ.mp4)

That means XFL.
(573.78 KB 1102x553 Screenshot.png)
Starting off the weekend.

Houston Roughnecks at Tampa Bay Vipers

I would fully expect the Roughnecks to win this game. They are going into the game with a 2-0 record and Tampa Bay is trying to battle for their first win.

The Viper open up the game with a drive and field goal!
(816.68 KB 1112x612 Screenshot.png)
Renegades and Dragons tied at the end of the 3rd Quarter. Dallas has switched to a run game.
(120.86 KB 1013x428 Screenshot-4.png)
(7.60 KB 383x144 Screenshot-6.png)
(10.28 KB 687x154 Screenshot-5.png)
Good Sunday for XFL football!

Starting off with the Texas Bowl; Dallas looks to take down the undefeated Houston Roughnecks and league MVP front runner P.J. Walker.

In the prime time slot, the Tampa Bay Vipers are looking for their first franchise win while the D.C. Defenders look to bounce back after an embarrassing loss to the Wildcats last week.
The Texas Throwdown is not going my way. End of the first quarter and Houston is winning 15-0.

Landry Jones (Dallas) has thrown three interceptions. A lot of game left though.
(47.10 KB 444x469 beersnake.jpg)
Da real MVP


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