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Mookie Betts and Kurt shilling left the bosox Orioles now best team
Breaking Baseball News!

June 2020 is the only time in MLB history where 32 teams have had a tied record this late into the season.
Damn I knew the Yankees were good, but going undefeated into June is nuts.
He's technically correct
(274.79 KB 1086x1396 sched2020.jpg)
(322.61 KB 1282x442 Capture.PNG)
Yeah, well....
posting feetball in a baseball thread
holy fuck there is baseball today
(2.67 KB 151x42 Screenshot.png)
That's fake baseball. Let me know when it counts.
Wew, how about them Phillies ?

I don't mind a bit of exhibitionism

Box score at the 7th inning stretch
(591.88 KB 1275x1650 30-Man Roster 072320.jpg)
it's opening day you fk'n nerds

Opening Day: West Coast Edition
(813.74 KB 1502x842 Screenshot-10.png)
(23.82 KB 722x331 Screenshot-9.png)
(23.91 KB 724x333 Screenshot-12.png)
(24.35 KB 727x323 Screenshot-11.png)

updated line up cards
(1.94 MB 1274x1649 DEADBEAT FATHER CARD.png)
DOX me like a HURRICANE!!
(29.55 KB 1186x225 Screenshot-16.png)
(23.84 KB 711x327 Screenshot-15.png)
Oh, you got him good. What are you gonna do, order a new a/c pump for his volt?
(24.66 KB 726x328 Screenshot-29.png)
(782.13 KB 1447x598 Screenshot-30.png)
(31.56 KB 1106x224 Screenshot-31.png)
(405.79 KB 719x611 Screenshot-38.png)
(368.74 KB 724x599 Screenshot-37.png)
(32.71 KB 1353x244 Screenshot-36.png)
(24.14 KB 722x327 Screenshot-35.png)
(24.07 KB 726x330 Screenshot-39.png)
(5.03 KB 288x44 Screenshot-40.png)
(9.84 MB 1280x720 itlj2djcagf51-itlj2djcagf51.mp4)
(30.22 KB 1124x240 Screenshot-44.png)
(432.55 KB 723x535 Screenshot-46.png)
(348.47 KB 733x606 Screenshot-45.png)
(24.25 KB 723x325 Screenshot-43.png)
(22.38 KB 721x340 Screenshot-47.png)
(5.33 KB 281x89 Screenshot-48.png)
(36.25 KB 480x468 Ee25krqXsAA4ov2.jpg large.jpeg)
(22.08 KB 1075x162 Screenshot-57.png)
(23.64 KB 728x339 Screenshot-59.png)
(433.90 KB 727x620 Screenshot-58.png)
Besbol memes coming hard and fast these days.
(26.18 KB 1088x225 Screenshot-77.png)
(23.84 KB 718x320 Screenshot-76.png)
(362.70 KB 737x604 Screenshot-78.png)
(19.25 KB 1070x159 Screenshot-92.png)
(24.46 KB 715x332 Screenshot-88.png)
(23.04 KB 720x325 Screenshot-91.png)
Orioles on a four game win streak, thunderstorms in the forecast and Alec Bohm looks to make his MLB debut
(51.44 KB 702x468 20200814_195359.jpg)
(30.62 KB 1114x235 Screenshot-96.png)
(24.00 KB 723x322 Screenshot-95.png)
(24.89 KB 718x328 Screenshot-97.png)
(28.93 KB 1159x227 Screenshot-98.png)
(103.10 KB 960x451 Capture_2020-08-15-15-21-04.png)
(22.66 KB 1116x154 Screenshot-110.png)
(831.57 KB 1471x662 Screenshot-109.png)
(5.46 KB 275x89 Screenshot-111.png)
(1.10 MB 4096x2304 EfvJXdzWkAgElWB.jpeg)
(5.43 KB 273x90 Screenshot-113.png)
(4.38 KB 277x91 Screenshot-114.png)
(130.31 KB 1024x576 illtijhofi5eblm0kaow.jpeg)
unofficial theoretical 2020 All star teams
(12.57 MB 1280x720 IYM-zz5OsFcYfYW3.mp4)
It was 25 years ago today
(62.34 KB 644x644 FB_IMG_1599522667430.jpg)
(34.62 KB 1080x206 Screenshot_20200907-185406.jpg)
(6.22 MB 568x320 video0.mp4)
(1008.96 KB 4096x2304 EhbNHaRXYAEFK4W.jpeg)
(5.29 KB 319x47 Screenshot-160.png)
Meanwhile in the NL East
(12.95 KB 323x206 Screenshot-161.png)
(25.24 KB 310x383 Screenshot-162.png)
(63.05 KB 738x564 Capture.PNG)

Thank goodness that game didn't go on any longer. Orioles' fans would be devastated if they lost their record.
(88.37 KB 1024x576 peuurpvdj16ahnmfhlwe.jpeg)
There is a serious lack of the color orange, and the color black, in that image.

At least the World Series is in Texas. Everyone come down here so we can watch it on a TV.
(157.74 KB 1200x675 mike_wozawski.jpg)
Astros are the best team in baseball.
(396.20 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0004.jpg)
(374.52 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0005.jpg)
(456.89 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0007.jpg)
(375.47 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0008.jpg)
I saw this high school game sold 500 tickets.

Take that NFL!


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