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File: 1502572159347.jpg (65.31 KB, 660x664, motorola-moto-z2-force-2.jpg)


I just bought a Moto z2 force

How bad did I fuck up /t/?




There are benefits and negatives to everything.

I don't know about that specific phone but I am familiar with the brand. MOTO is owned by Lenovo, and is certainly they bought it the phone support has gone to shit. They quickly took a brand that had a reputation of long term support and turned it into a Chinese phone (what it releases with is what it will die with).

Luckily, most moto phones are very easy to unlock the boot loader. That means you can put on a custom ROM and use only the Google apps you want, instead of having 32 Google apps when you only use 2.

My Moto currently has LineageOS on it, and the Nano version of GApps. LineageOS is nearly a pure Android experience, updates from within the OS, and gets security updates regularly.

So you have a shit brand and a great brand at the same time, depending on how you use it.


File: 1502586146505.png (62.06 KB, 880x908, 1458185841231.png)

well it's not an iphone…


Motorola iz p gewd

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